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“We have to learn how to let go of our feelings, so that we can be freed from hatred, agony and bitterness.”

Isn’t it funny? How they wanted to be friends right after they break your heart? It’s pretty amusing isn’t it? Well, it is a chance we have to take for whatever it may be. There is a purpose why that happened. But sometimes, we tend to keep our hearts locked and we never try opening it again.
When we are in our deepest sorrows we experience too much hatred and pain, hat we fail to recognize and appreciate the people who love us. What we don’t realize is that we are missing so many beautiful chapters in our life because we are blinded by our own selfish concerns. We have to learn how to let go of our feelings, so that we can be freed from hatred, agony and bitterness. Past is past, so we have to live for the future. We reminisce the beautiful things that we experienced but the real place for real happiness comes only with acceptance, without being sorry for ourselves. We should not let our heart ruin our lives. We have to be sensible and use our mind. We should also think of the reasons not only the feelings. We should remember that if we lose someone, it means that someone better is coming. A great love is when we shed tears and yet we still care for them. If love fails to work out, let it spread its wings and let it find a place to stay.
We can cry if we gave to, but those tears should wash the bitterness away. Because someday, without even knowing it we will find someone who deserves the totality of who we are, who will accept us the way we are, and will look at us as if we are the most perfect creature that ever existed.

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